Ingegerd Larsson

Tel. 018-25 85 30, Email: (first name).(last name)

Born: 1945


Swedish and English


Medeca Pharma AB, Founder, owner, CEO 1989-2015, presently Chairman of the board.

Pharmacia AB:

Hospital Pharmacy, Uppsala University Hospital, 1970


Quality Assurance, Head of Department, Self-inspection, Education 1992-1999

Astra Läkemedel AB,  Process Development, 1991-92

Pharmacia AB, Quality Management 1989


Master of Business Administration, Uppsala University, Center for International Business Studies, 1991

Master of Science, Pharmacautical Faculty, Uppsala University, 1970


Conferences, annually within the pharmaceutical industry and Asthma and Allergology

Project Management, 1988-89

First Cambridge Certificate, 1987-88

Marketing, 1984-85

Basic Medical Education, 1985

LOTS®, management and business development, 1977

Production Planning, 1977

Problem Solving and Goal setting, 1975

Quality Assurance, 1974

Statistics, 1972